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Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam Herbal Drink Herbodaya 100gm

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Brand: Herbodaya

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Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam Herbal Drink Herbodaya 100gm is a blend of 15 herbs that effectively fights viral fevers, common cold problems, Flu, and difficulty in breathing.

KABASURA KUDINEER is very rich in antioxidants, so provides better immune support for protecting against Flu, cold, and cough Kabasura Kudineer Chooranam is used in Ayurveda and Siddha for thousands of years to protect from respiratory-related illness. This is an anti-viral herbal prepares our body to fight against infections and improves immunity.

Kabasura Kudineer contains the following 15 ingredients: 

  1. Dry Ginger
  2. Nilavembu
  3. Long Pepper
  4. Myrobalan
  5. Bharangi
  6. Clove
  7. Costus
  8. Patha
  9. Guduchi
  10. Akarkara
  11. Neermulli
  12. Adhatoda
  13. Karpuravalli
  14. Nut grass
  15. Cirukancori

Usage: Mix 5 grams of powder in 300ml of water and boil it on low flame till the concoction is reduced to 30ml.  The taste of the decoction is bitter, so you can add honey or palm jaggery to it as required

Please carefully read the ingredient lists, Labelling, and other product information to determine if the product is suitable for you. 
Please consult with your doctor if this is suitable for you.



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