Dry Yeast 500g

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Dry Yeast 500g

Brand: M & J

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Dry Yeast 500g

Yeasts are nothing but microorganisms made of single cells which are classified into the fungus family and kingdom. Dry yeast is available and it can be used only if it is dissolved in water for a certain duration before starting your cooking work.

Health Benefits:

  • Dry yeast is found to be healthy and good to have your digestive system functioning tracked and maintained in balance.

  • Only healthy bacteria are present in the yeast and it helps in treating stomach related issues.

  • The yield of the food will be high and so it is preferred in most forms of food.

  • The protein content is found to be high in yeast and vitamin B12 is imparted by a certain family of yeast that further helps in weight loss.

Names in Other Languages:

  • English – Dry Yeast

  • French – Levureseche

  • Spanish – Levaduraseca

  • Tamil – ular yeast

  • Malayalam – Unnaniya Yeast

  • Telugu – Podiist


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