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Earthen Clay Multi Purpose Cookin Pot Rasam Bowl

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Earthen Clay Multi-Purpose Cookin Pot Rasam Bowl

Instructions for use of Natural Earthen Clay Cookware

* First soak the earthen pots in hot starch water for 2 days. Both the days change the starch water.

* Can be used on a gas stove, the manufacturer doesn't advise use in a microwave oven.

* From the 3rd day directly don’t cook in it, instead cook in your routine vessels and then just transfer it into the clay pot and then place it on the stove for boiling the item which is been prepared. Continue this process for 2-3 days. Then you can start cooking in the earthen pots.

* Wash the Cookware / Tableware with Water & Lemon/gram flour. (Use Hot Water, if required to Clean the deep oil stains)

* Start with low flame and gradually increase to high flame

While cooking in earthen pots, if any type of breakage or crack happens, we are not responsible

* Don’t Place the Cookware on the Gas Stove with Flame in High Mode as it may crack if exposed to sudden High Heat. Start with low flame and gradually increase to high flame.

* Don’t use Cleaning Powder, Liquid, Detergents, Soap etc to wash the Cookware / Tableware as it may damage the grain structure of the product and make it unfit for use.

* Manufacturer advises not to use clayware in microwave or oven.


Pls Note: These clay products are handmade products. So the real product shape, designs, patterns may be different from the actual stock available.  If you have any questions regarding this, pls contact us before placing the order. Buyers have to pay for the returns during a change of mind returns. We may also deduct a delivery fee that was paid for sending the products to you. A full refund will be provided only when the wrong products / defective products are sent and the return fee will be taken care of by us.

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