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Seasoned Soapstone Kalchatti Kal Chatti Mavu Chatti Natural Cookware 2 to 2.5 Ltr

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Seasoned Soapstone Kalchatti Kal Chatti Mavu Chatti Natural Cookware 2 to 2.5 Ltr

  • 100% Eco-friendly Products. Purely natural, Toxin-free cookware unlike the Chemical coated modern utensils.
  • It is a hand-carved stone product, Crafted by rural village Artisans/ Sculptors who were involved in the manufacturing of Stonewares 3 to 5 decades ago. Every inch of these products are handcrafted without any machine assistance, So the dimensions are mentioned in approx but assure mentioned volume.
  • Food items cooked in the stone pots taste outstanding because they are chemically inert and hence do not alter or change the natural flavours of the ingredients and retain the original aroma and taste of the food.
  • It is mainly used to keep batter, so it is also called Mavu Chatti. Anyhow all the items of food like curries, pulses, Sambar, Rasam, vegetables can be cooked in good volume

Benefits of the Product: 

  • Heat is evenly observed thus it retains healthy anti-oxidants of the food which used to counteract the deterioration of stored food.
  • Heat is steadily dispersed into the utensil and uniformly transferred into food items, so nutrients of the food is preserved whereas it is destructed in modern cooking utensils.
  • Retains heat for a long time even after the flame is stopped, so no need for additional heating often required.
  • Since the retention of Anti-Oxidant level is high, no wonder you can keep the food for a long time in the same stoneware, No more worries about stuffing the food in your freezer

Steps / Cautions Before Using: 

  • Many Decades ago, Our ancestors used to habituate the stone for cooking through a state of art procedure which is briefed below;-
  • Mix 1 teaspoon of Turmeric powder in castor oil, or any oil and apply throughout  the surface of the utensil at top and bottom and keep that ideal for 24 hrs
  • For habituating the utensil, You need Rice gruel or Rice starch water or rice flour mixed water, You can better prefer the first two for best results. Further, the content will be called a mixture
  • On the 2nd Day, Heat the mixture and Pour it in a vessel till neck and keep it for 24 hours
  • On the third day, either you can repeat the second-day procedure with a fresh mixture, or heat the same mixture in another utensil and pour it in stoneware.
  • 4th, 5th, and 6th-day same procedure to be repeated.
  • On the 7th Day, If the rice cooked kanji poured on the surface is remains non-stick, then your vessel is ready to go for regular usage
  • Once the process is completed, Stoneware’s will have a natural non-stick surface. You can cook food with little to no oil, without using coated non-stick pans that chip and fleck away. This simple seasoning process improves the surface, and increase the life of the Stoneware.
  • Perfectly habituated utensil can be used for many years.

Method of usage: 

It can be placed on regular Gas burner flames

Once the utensil gained heat, always put the flame ( Heat input ) in low level till the end of cooking.


It can be washed like regular vessels with preferred soap and scrubs


 For keeping Batter,  for cooking Kolambu, Sambar, Rasam etc


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