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Thirugai Stone Grinder Dry Grinding Atta Chakki Flour Hand Mill 12 Inch

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Thirugai Stone Grinder Dry Grinding Atta Chakki Flour Hand Mill 12 Inch

To eat delicious and fluffy flour bread is unquestionably preferred over eating hard and coarse ones. Thus, to relish your taste buds, we bring you our amazing Thirugai stone grinder flour hand mill.

Popularly known as chakki in Hindi, the flour prepared on a flour grind mill has multiple health benefits. In fact, it is especially suitable for people who have Diabetes as the flour battered on it contains low carbon content. As a result, low stands of carbon help in the effective maintenance of blood sugar levels. 

More to this, the chakkis feature as an active part and parcel of our ancient culture and heritage. Some 100 years ago, every household had its chakkis, and homemade flours were preferred compared to those manufactured in factories. 

We, at Grocerybee, carry this heritage forward with our modern looking yet traditionally valuable hand flour mills. 

The stone grinder hand mill grinds raw whole grains and flakes into a fine powder. You can subsequently use this power to make varieties of bread such as Indian Rotis, Afghanistan naan, Italian pizza, and garlic bread dough, etc. 

To ease your load, the grinder incorporates a grinding handle to allow the smooth movement of flour while grinding. 

As a result, you can cook delicious slices of bread for festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, and house warming parties. 

To place your order, visit our Indian grocery store or place a call for home delivery. 

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