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Gilli Danda / Kittipulla / Tamil Cricket

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Gilli Danda / Kittipulla / Tamil Cricket

This Gilli danda set is exclusively made of wood to serve you with the culture of happiness. Gilli Danda, also known as Guli Danda, is a traditional amateur sport that is popular among rural youth in India and southern Europe. Buy this set to enjoy the sport.

Key Features:

  • Hand-eye coordination, mathematics capabilities, and mapping skills are all improved by playing this game.
  • Tipcat in English, dangguli in Bangla, Chinni-dandu in Kannada, kuttiyum kolum in Malayalam, viti-dandu in Marathi, kitti-pulla in Tamil, gooti-billa in Telugu, and Lappa-Duggi in Pashto are some of the other names for it.

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